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Our mission to help displaced teen moms keep their babies. We accomplish this mission by providing a safe haven for displaced and at-risk youth; particularly homeless, runaways, and abandoned pregnant and/or parenting adolescent girls, ages 12-18; to unreservedly come to have their basic needs met (i.e., shelter, food, water, love, and respect), and receive support, education, advocacy and access to community resources to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery. At Purposely Chosen, we hope that our services will enable these adolescents to discover their supreme purpose in life, overcome the obstacles of homelessness, and gain self-sufficiency. Our goal is to BREAK EVERY CHAIN of child abuse and neglect of children born to teen parents, an unnecessary tragedy that is often caused by stress and the lack of non-stigmatized support, education, guidance, and resources. our task is to restore the names of children born of minor parents from Mis·take (an error, blunder, slip that dishonors or shame) to Pur·pose (a result or effect that is intended or desired). thus, our success is not measured by what we accomplish, but by the opposition we have encountered and the courage with which we have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.

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Contact Name Dretona Maddox - info@purposelychosen.org


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