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MISSION OF CHARITY ONE INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. “Our mission is to help you achieve your mission…” The overarching mission of Charity One Insurance Agency is to help increase the quality of charitable services that nonprofit and social service organizations provide to society, as a whole. Our ability to fulfill this broad mission is closely intertwined with our own professional goal to give our clients – nonprofit and social service agencies – affordable and optimal insurance coverage. Our mission is to provide you with cost-effective insurance solutions – risk management tools and information – to enhance your mission. We are proud to be true and trusted friends to nonprofit and social service organizations. COMPANY PROFILE of CHARITY ONE INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Charity One Insurance Agency is a licensed, bonded and insured Independent Brokerage Firm backed by more than 35 years of combined experience in the insurance industry. We specialize in providing insurance programs to nonprofit and social service organizations at highly competitive premiums. We represent the interests of our clients, while simultaneously cultivating solid relationships with our partner insurance companies. We watched many new nonprofits open their doors during the 1990s. Although we were delighted by this growth spurt, as insurance professionals, we also knew that many nonprofits and social service agencies were unwittingly left compromised. This occurred because they either lacked the funding to purchase the proper insurance or were ill-advised in their selection of an insurance program suitable for their needs. Unfortunately, not all insurance professionals are well-informed about insurance programs available to the nonprofit and social service communities. Over the past few years, charitable grantmakers, government funding sources, and various other funders have placed more stringent requirements on nonprofits for insurance. This has left many nonprofits at a severe disadvantage because the premiums for nonprofit insurance are typically very high or unavailable through many traditional insurance companies and brokerage agencies. To help resolve this problem, we formed Charity One Insurance Agency in 1999 to provide competitively priced, stable, high quality products and programs to charitable organizations. Since our formation, we have offered our services exclusively to nonprofit and social service agencies. Today, our company is emerging as a leader in the world of nonprofit insurance. "Congratulations being recognized as one of NIAC'S Top 2005 Brokers. We very much appreciate your continued support and look forward to a long-productive relationship." -- The Staff of NIAC In 2004, Charity One Insurance Agency received the prestigious NIAC Broker Award for Largest NIAC percentage Growth. In 2005, Charity One Insurance Agency received the NIAC Prestigious 2005 Broker Recognition Award for the second consecutive year for adding more nonprofit clients to Nonprofit Insurance Alliance of CA. In 2006, the Azusa Unified School District and Azusa Chamber of Commerce issued a Certificate of Appreciation to our company for participating in a job development event for local students. We look forward to ongoing opportunities to give back to our local, regional and state-wide communities.

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  • Specialized liability coverages custom-designed exclusively for nonprofit and social service organizations.
  • Risk protection that fosters peace of mind for directors, officers, program staff, clients, and volunteers.
  • Risk management programs available to protect your assets and intellectual property.
  • Liability coverages that ensure your eligibility for city, county, state, federal, and private funding.
  • Supportive services that help you achieve your mission.
  • Cost-savings that make insurance coverage a reality.