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What is Desert Charities News?
Desert Charities News, the premier news magazine and website dedicated to Philanthropy and charitable giving in Desert Cites. Published twice a year – January/February/March and October/November/December. DCN has developed a central database for the Nonprofit Sector – an online resource – that connects Nonprofits in Southern California with donors and Suppliers.
What is the Nonprofit Directory?
The Nonprofit Directory is an online reference source with four unique sections – Calendar of Events; Nonprofits; Suppliers; and Venues. The Calendar/Event section features events taking place in the community and provide easy up to date information about hundreds of events. The newly designed calendar section is one of the unique highlights of the website.
How do we obtain a Free Listing in the Nonprofit Directory?
Click on the banner ad online. Sample free listing: Jump! PO Box 119 La Quinta, CA 92247 (760) 851-5186 Webb Weiman, Executive Director
What are the costs to profile our company?
Nonprofit Profile - Nonprofits Profile Listing - $ 300.00 per year - Nonprofit Profile Sponsored – Nonprofits can have their Profile listing sponsored by a company or individual. The sponsor name, URL and Logo will appear beneath the listing. Supplier Profile - The Nonprofit Directory features suppliers that support the Nonprofit Sector. - Supplier Profile Listing - $ 350.00 per year Venue Profile - The Venue Profile features venue locations for Nonprofit Events. - Venue Profile Listing - $ 350.00 per year. .
How do we reserve space for a Nonprofit Profile?
Click on “Advertise” on the website.
How do I list our events in the Calendar section on the website or in the Newspaper?
There is a form on the website - “List Your Event”. The form appears in two sections: Under Site Content and in the Calendar section. Fill out the form and click send. OR Send the following information on your event to us by email to: Date of Event Name of Event Description Venue Address City Start Time End Time Cost Organizer Contact Phone Email Website Graphics: Send logo, graphics or photo Submitted by: Your Name Your Email Your Phone
Is it possible to tell a friend about something found within the directory?
Yes, each item in the directory contains a “Send to Friend” link. Click the link and a pop up will open. Please fill out all fields in the pop-up and an email will be sent to your friend.
What do the numbers that appear after Category and Sub-Category names mean?
These numbers show the total number of companies listed under that category.
Is it possible to search for events by date?
You can search for events by date by clicking on any specific date/month you choose directly on the calendar.
How do we get a story about our company in Desert Charities News?
Email story ideas and press releases to:
Who receives Desert Charities News?
Issue recipients include the Valley’s nonprofit industry executives, individuals and companies in the nonprofit sector, high-net-worth individuals, and industry suppliers.
Is there a subscription fee to receive Desert Charities News?
The publication is sent to all individuals on a controlled circulation basis. 100% Free to all recipients.
Where can I pick up a copy of Desert Charities News?
Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce has copies of Desert Charities News.
May I request a sample issue?
Yes! Send in your request by email to receive Desert Charities News.
Do you offer an online edition?
Yes! Visit our website, and click on Past Issues on the home page.
How do I advertise in the next issue?
The media kit appears on the website under Site Contents. Call us at (760) 346-1822 or send email to:
Let us hear from you. Welcome your comments on the new website for the Nonprofit Directory and Desert Charities News. Send to: