Desert Charities News Nonprofit Directory is now available to preview:

The staging URL that has been used while the site has been in development.  It will be transferred in the near future to:

The calendar events section of DCN website is one of the unique highlights of the new website offering more information for nonprofit events than any other in the community.

The calendar section can be found at:

Companies can profile their business on the website:
Nonprofits – $ 300.00 per year
Suppliers  – $ 350.00 per year

Desert Charities News has become the premier news magazine and website dedicated to Philanthropy and charitable giving in the Desert Cities

DCN is published twice a year: October/November/December and January/February/March with the website being available throughout the year.

DCN current website will remain as a reference source with a new URL when the new site is completed.
The new url will be:

Let us know how you like the new website.

Steve Tolin, Editor-Publisher
Desert Charities News
(760) 346-1822