psusdToday’s ribbon-cutting and dedication event by the Palm Springs Unified School District unveiled the just-named “Richards Center for the Arts,” the newly established arts-education and entertainment venue at Palm Springs High School.

Formerly the school’s historic auditorium, the storied E. Stewart Williams-designed structure has undergone a multi-million-dollar renovation that has reinvigorated and retooled this beloved Valley film, concert, and theatrical venue. The result is a state-of-the-art performance destination for both the District’s students and Valley culture-lovers.

Wednesday’s dedication event honored Palm Springs philanthropist Rozene Supple, who provided a major lead gift for the five-year capital campaign for arts in the district now being spearheaded by the Foundation for the Palm Springs Unified School District. Ms. Supple was honored with the designation of the new facility as the “Richards Center,” using her family name.

A centerpiece of the multi-year fundraising effort for the district’s students is the opportunity for members of the public to name a theater seat, gallery space, or other building amenity in their honor, or a loved one’s, as part of what is being called the “Grab Your Seat” campaign.

Said Ellen Goodman, Executive Director of The Foundation for the Palm Springs Unified School District, “This remarkable venue has served the Coachella Valley since 1958, and has hosted world-class popular and classical entertainment of all kinds, as well as the Palm Springs International Film Festival. We are convinced that the chance for the public to be a concrete part of the revamped facility through seat- and interior amenity-naming will have wide appeal. The support raised will help make possible arts education of all kinds in our region for years to come – enhancing both the education and the lives of all the district’s students.”

Formally kicking off the “Grab Your Seat” opportunity will be a benefit concert on January 19, 2017 at the Richards Center for the Arts that features American music band “Scott Bradlee’s PostModern Jukebox” — known to millions of YouTube viewers and concertgoers nationally for cleverly reworking popular modern music into vintage genres. Tickets for the event may be purchased at or 760-416-8455.