unspecified-6 unspecifiedBy Dee Dee Wilson Barton

On a cool Saturday morning in Palm Springs, the Wilson/Barton family sets up an assembly line lunch station in their kitchen. Daughters, Chloe (13), Madison (17) and Dee Dee bag up tuna packs, Gatorade, chips, granola bars, and fruit cups along with water bottles and cleansing wipes. Then the whole family heads out to meet with and give the Palm Springs homeless population a dose of food and hugs.
A few days later, the entire Barton CPA firm attends and supports the Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast, where each member of the accounting practice gets a first-hand look at the clients they serve and the community in need around them. This team is a giving team. The firm successfully serves nonprofits, while each member of the staff individually cares about the needs of the community. Both the Barton family and the Barton CPA family work to foster philanthropy from within.
Greg Barton, CPA, is a specialist in nonprofit accounting and tax preparation. He and his wife Dee Dee are committed to their philanthropic work around increasing arts and music in local education. They even started a “give back” program that provides free tax and accounting services to select nonprofits that are lending a helping hand within the community.
Rated as one of the “Top 20 Accounting Firms in the United States” last year by Quick books, the Barton CPA firm is a job builder in the desert. They are open, warm and welcoming while providing tax and accounting services to organizations ranging from mom-and-pop startups to multi-million dollar companies.
The Barton CPA Firm Offers to Non-Profits:
o Form 990’s.
o Monthly reconciliations.
o Assistance for start ups looking to file tax exempt status.
o Assist with budgeting, forecasting, reporting and strategic planning.
o Prepare financials statements as either a compilation or a review.
o CFO Advisory Services – providing extensive knowledge of nonprofits and support in. assisting current boards and administrations to make sure they are in compliance with their fiduciary responsibilities and finances.
o Work with startups looking to file tax exempt status, assisting with the establishment of new nonprofits in becoming tax exempt with both the state and federal government.
“Here is what we know from working with the amazing people who are serving others in our community: executive directors and their teams can be exhausted and tapped out,” explained Greg Barton, CPA. “There never seems to be enough money or volunteers. They need more marketing exposure about their cause. They need sleep. We’re here to support them with our expertise so they can focus on what they do best – leading their organizations and helping them carry out their missions.”
If you need a trusted advisor or need your taxes prepared – no matter how small or large – you can contact Barton CPA at 760.969.6499 or visit the website at www.gregbartoncpa.com.