JewishFedJewish Federation of the Desert, a philanthropic and humanitarian organization serving the desert communities within the Coachella Valley, touches the lives of thousands of people in the local community, in Israel, and Overseas. Jewish Federation works with its partner agencies to serve community members in need at every stage of life. Its values represent core tenets derived from scripture. Inspired by Jewish values, Jewish Federation of the Desert’s mission is to broaden and deepen engagement in Jewish life, in order to strengthen Jewish identity, foster dynamic connections with Israel, and care for all Jews in need.
Each year, Jewish Federation of the Desert launches its Community Campaign, which is the Jewish community’s largest fundraising effort in the desert area. Campaign donations are distributed to local and national agencies, including programs and services for three international agencies and four targeted programs to feed the hungry, educate people of all ages, care for the young and old, fight anti-Semitism, promote Jewish culture and support Jews in Israel and around the world. Jewish Federation of the Desert is part of a network of 157 North American Jewish Federations, known as the Jewish Federation of North America.
As the community’s central agency, Jewish Federation has the capacity to unify the community and bring together congregations, agencies, religious schools, as well as other groups. To strengthen the desert’s connection to Israel, Federation directly links the desert to Israel through a partnership community known as Ramat Hanegev.
“We believe that no child should go to bed hungry,” stated CEO Bruce Landgarten. “We believe that every senior has the right to live with dignity. That all Jews should be able to live anywhere in the world, without fear of persecution. We believe we can inspire the Jewish community of tomorrow, and that is why we focus on helping people in need, rescuing people in danger, and keeping Jewish life strong. To many, Jewish Federation of the Desert is solely a fundraising organization. Yes, we are proud of the fact that during tough economic times our community raised in excess of $ 2.4 million, and we are proud that the number of donors in our community continues to increase annually. However, Jewish Federation is not about the amount of money we raise . . . it is about what the money accomplishes,” Landgarten continued.
Some of the organization’s recipient agencies include Angel View, Meals on Wheels, FIND Food Bank, Desert AIDS Project, and Jewish Family Service.
At the heart of these services – from food, shelter, and medical care for impoverished families to specialized support for seniors and people with disabilities, from career counseling to grief counseling and troubled families, from scholarships for Jewish day schools, summer camps, and preschool to grants for Israel Experience trips, it is the organization’s belief that we are all responsible for one another.
Jewish Federation works with schools, educational programs, and backs Jewish experiences for young people that perpetuate Jewish tradition and identity. Culturally, Jewish Federation endorses and hosts community programs that celebrate Jewish life for people of all ages.
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