The Independent Living Partnership (ILP) is committed to the empowerment of older adults, people with disabilities, and their caregivers through collaborative and cooperative partnering with public and private organizations, agencies and businesses to implement programs and activities that motivate, educate, and promote the maintenance of a healthy and independent life style.


In 1993 the song “I’d Do Anything for Love” charted number one in 28 countries. Harley Davidson turned 90. Schindler’s List was popular at the movies. Frank Sinatra received the Desert Palm Achievement Award from the Palm Springs International Film Festival. And a group of people from the Coachella Valley were brought together to voice concerns about transportation for older people living in their communities.
These dreamers were asked to describe the kind of transportation that could overcome the obstacles that many face with aging and the onset of serious disease. One after another they said what was needed:
•   To be picked up at their home without having to wait outside in the heat
•   Transportation in the comfort and luxury of a car
•   Free rides for those on a severely limited income
•   The ability to make trips whenever they were needed, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, even on the spur of the moment
•   An escort who would come to their home and get them, stay with them during the trip, help them at their destinations, even help them put away their groceries when they got back home
•   And they wanted the ability to go to Riverside or LA or San Diego to get special medical treatments if necessary.
When the nonprofit Independent Living Partnership heard the seemingly impossible wish list, ILP’s visionary Board said “we can do that!” A few months later the Transportation Reimbursement and Information Project, “TRIP”, was born and began providing rides for low income, elderly and disabled residents of the Coachella Valley when they had no other way of getting to needed medical services, getting their groceries, going to worship or just escaping from the boredom and torture of isolation, loneliness and depression.
By the next program year, TRIP had expanded to provide service for all of Riverside County and TRIP has been operating daily now for over 20 years! Today, Nancy, Tom and more than a thousand others were able to see their doctors, get groceries and keep on living in their own homes because of TRIP. And TRIP is so innovative and well managed that the cost for each mile of transportation provided was less than 2/3rds the operations cost of the county’s public transit services. Not expensive and exactly what the patients ordered!
The Independent Living Partnership (ILP) was organized in 1989 to actively advocate for the Americans with Disabilities Act and worked hard to gain support for the bill prior to its passage into law. ILP was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization in 1991.
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