John van Dalen has led an interesting life. Born in Amsterdam, Holland, van Dalen came to Southern California via Toronto, Canada, with his family when he was eight.

The multi-talented actor, auctioneer and marketing guru has family in Coachella Valley. He currently splits his time between Palm Beach, Florida and Rancho Mirage where he plans to move before the end of the year.

Van Dalen is skilled at helping non-profits raise funds for their specific cause. He explains, “In addition to auctioneering and emcee work, my skills include major gifts fundraising, events management, foundation financial management and administration, grants administrator, PR, corporate spokesperson, volunteer coordinator, copywriter, and more.”

One of van Dalen’s ways to raise money for a non-profit is through his work as an emcee and a fundraising auctioneer. He explains that live auctions generate enthusiasm and excitement for the people in attendance and raise more funds than silent auctions. Many times bidders get caught up in the excitement of the moment and bid much more for an item in the spirit of the event and the furor of the competition for the item. Event attendees love auctions and participation usually runs high among them as the live auction unfolds.

Not only does van Dalen work as an auctioneer at events, he can help a non-profit bring more to the table in terms of things to auction. He is able to supplement items for the live auction that are themed specifically to that event, whether it be patriotic, children, spiritual and religious, sports or entertainment. All come with COA’s.

The same is true for a silent auciton at a gala event. Van Dalen can offer sports memorabilia, jewelry and bling and fine art. All are available at no risk to the non-profit. If they don’t sell, van Dalen simply takes them back after the event. The organization doesn’t have to buy them but makes money off of the items that do sell.

His work as an actor serves him well in the non-profit sector. As a public spokesperson for an organization, van Dalen’s celebrity helps him work with donors and prospects for major projects that are being held within the community where the non-profit is located. He is well known for raising major gifts, endowments, handling special events and encouraging major giving at various organizations.

Van Dalen is ready and willing to help non-profits increase their funding in any way he can. He can be reached at his offices in both Palm Beach, Florida and Rancho Mirage.