The Development and Aid World News Service (DAWNS) and the advocacy platform, today announced the winners of the Humanitarian Reporting Grant Competition.  The Competition honored independent projects focused on telling stories related to humanitarian issues.

Over the course of three weeks, nearly 700 voters cast their ballots for 12 finalists to receive one of two $1,000 grants funded by, and subscription sales to the DAWNS Digest global news curation service.

The two winners of the Humanitarian Reporting Grant Competition are:

Regina Zoneziwoh, from Cameroon, and Shanoor Seervai, from India.

Regina’s project, ‘know herStory,’ will narrate 15 personal and unique stories of grassroots women leaders involved in community mobilization, HIV/AIDS, peace building, social justice, and human rights advocacy in Cameroon. Shanoor will document the lives of sexworkers in Mumbai, India, to tell the stories of their lives with a particular focus on the relationships the women have with their children.

“Our goal is to create a community of news consumers who will support compelling storytelling on critical global issues that do not often make headlines,” said DAWNS co-founder Mark Leon Goldberg.
“We hope these stories inspire Global Citizens to discover the diversity of skills and passions that are needed to end extreme poverty,” said Jordan Hewson, editor of Global Citizen. “We each can find a role to play in this movement, and these candidates have done exactly that.”

The finalists included journalists, photographers, and documentary filmmakers from around the world who wanted to tell a range of stories, from gender discrimination in Gambia, to the problem of female foeticide and abandonment in India.

“It is becoming increasingly hard for reporters to bring stories to wide audiences as the journalism industry faces further and further cuts,” said Tom Murphy, co-Founder of DAWNS. “We have to find ways to report more, not less, on the global issues of poverty, violence and disease. These grants seek to support journalists and storytellers so that these important stories can be told.”

More information about the Humanitarian Reporting Grant Competition can be found at