If you’ve driven up or down Washington Street in La Quinta north of Highway 111 recently, you’ve undoubtedly seen the large, new Desert Express Car Wash. It’s a wonder to behold, and very quick and easy to use! It’s “Express” because you stay inside your car through the 6 minute ride that begins with a couple of humans blasting water onto your car to remove surface grime and ends with an invitation to turn left at the end of the tunnel and head to the free self-service vacuums. Hundreds of cars go through there every day of the week between 7 am and 9 pm. Pretty busy, wouldn’t you say?

Now, what’s your favorite school or charity? What if you could get the nice folks at Desert Express Car Wash to give your cause a donation for every one of your favorite school or charity’s supporters who goes through the car wash? That’s exactly what they’ll do in order to thank their customers and give back to the community. You don’t need volunteers, you don’t need a ton of paperwork. Three levels of car wash are participating in this fundraiser: The $12 premium “Everything Wash” gets your organization $3 back; the super $10 “Tire & Wheel Deal” returns $2; and the classic $8 “Protect & Shine” gives you $1. (The deal doesn’t apply to the $6 Basic Wash.)

How does it work? Pick out the start and stop dates (up to a year at a time) when you want to do some fundraising for your charity or school. Call Patrick at Desert Express at 760-772-6000 or 909-307-4043 to sign up, discuss your plan with him, and he’ll give you special codes for your fundraiser. Then provide your supporters with your fundraising codes and dates, and ask them to drop in for a wash. They can use the codes as often as they want during the allotted time frame, and your organization will get a check every 30 days of the fundraiser period!