Volunteer Contractors, Under the Leadership of Hensel Phelps, to Renovate Group’s Main Facility that Serves Children and Adults with Disabilities as Part of AGC Charities’ Operation Opening Doors Project Construction charity organization AGC Charities, Inc. announced today that it will renovate the facility of a Palm Springs area-based group that supports children and adults with disabilities as part of its annual Operation Opening Doors event in March. As part of that effort, contractors will donate their time, expertise and money to make a series of improvements to the headquarters of Angel View.

“We want to use our skills to make life a little easier and a lot more accessible for people with disabilities,” said Jim Clemens, chairman of Ocean City, N.J.-based Clemens Construction Co. and the chairman of AGC Charities. “Our members are committed to building a better quality of life for the Coachella Valley’s disabled community.”

The charitable group is teaming up with San Diego-based Hensel Phelps, which has volunteered to serve as the lead contractor for the charitable effort.  The improvements will include transforming Angel View’s existing courtyard into an outdoor recreation area with wheelchair accessible amenities, replacing doors and wainscot damaged by wheelchairs and installing wainscot in a new wing.  In addition, the group hopes to install a sunshade in the drop-off area to protect clients from the sweltering summer sun.

“We are incredibly appreciative of AGC Charities’ efforts on our behalf,” said Dave Thornton, executive director of Angel View. “The enhancements to our facilities will benefit clients of our therapeutic Day Program for adults with developmental disabilities. It’s a joy to work with organizations like AGC who use their skills and expertise to improve the lives of others.”

Clemens said the AGC Charities group was fundraising to cover the cost of the materials needed to renovate the facility.  He noted that the charitable group was established five years ago to channel and support the charitable efforts of the construction community.  He added that the group held previous national Operation Opening Doors projects in Washington, D.C., Honolulu, Orlando and Las Vegas.

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