Lifestyle photos: from a different angle… by Dre Naylor…

Lani Garfield is an event photographer who lives and works in Palm Springs, CA. She has been photographing the area for many years and her photos from the valley’s galas, concerts, gallery openings and weddings grace the pages of several local publications. She has truly seen, and loves Palm Springs.

A little over a year ago, Lani was hit with the idea to have lenticular photos printed that show the fun, martini-by-the-pool, timelessly-hip city in the way she sees it…amazing locally bought clothes, handmade jewelry, fantastic locations, eclectic residents and of course, martinis. Orange martinis, to be exact. * Rumor has it that the martinis are made with a mid-century staple: TANG. That’s right, good enough for our astronauts….

The Orange Martini Project is a series of unconventionally displayed photographs featuring Palm Springs and it’s amazing community. With participation from various local friends, artists, businesses, and even the mayor- Lani Garfield has been able to capture the essence of the Modern lifestyle here in PS. The lenticular prints will show a scene in “motion” when viewed from one side or another. The interactive display showcases the hip, locally found clothes and iconic mid-century modern architecture in a way that blurs the line between today and the days when The Rat Pack stayed and played in the desert.

It’s not just about looking backwards with nostalgia”, Garfield explains. “It’s about looking forward. It’s how we live today in a place with a colorful, fun, architecturally significant history.”

Lenticular printing isn’t a new thing, in fact, it hails from the mid-century era. *Remember the little changing pictures in Cracker Jack boxes?!

The series of nine limited edition (signed and numbered) lenticular prints will be displayed in the Horizon Ballroom at the Palm Springs Hilton on February 13th, 2013 from 7pm-10pm-. The prints will remain on display in the ballroom for the duration of Modernism Week.

The prints will also be presented along Palm Canyon in the Uptown Design District of Palm Springs in 9 retail spaces and restaurants throughout the district on March 15th as part of their late night shopping event for the month.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the district with a “Passport to Palm Springs” and visit all 9 businesses on a “hunt” for all 9 prints. A “passport” can be picked up at any of the locations to start with, and at each stop a “passport stamp” will be given.

Full passports can be redeemed for a complimentary Orange Martini from our host restaurant, TRIO Palm Springs.

Smaller 5×7 cards of the series will be available in a limited run. Print proceeds go to The Arts Institute at PSHS.

The Arts Institute at Palm Springs High School is a model arts education program offering interested high school students enhanced learning experiences for artistic growth, preparing them for educational and job opportunities in the arts beyond high school. One of the key programs provided is the Mentoring Program”. Students receive real-life experience with an established artist in their artistic trade and learn how they can turn their passion for art into a career. For the past 5 years Lani has mentored 2 students a year and taught them the practical working knowledge of photography as they enter her world of photographing “the jet set” here in Palm Springs. For more on Lani on her project, check out her websites below:

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