How Is It Organized?


One aspect of what makes a good charity that is largely overlooked by those trying to select a charity to work with is how said charity is organized.  Part of what makes a charity effective is having an effective leadership, one that is the correct size for its organization, and directly understands its responsibility to the group it operates.

The next thing to be considered is how well it keeps track of its activities, does the leadership keep track of its decision making process?  Does it keep records of where all its money goes and make these records easily accessible to those who would donate? Is it constantly focused on being more efficient and effective with the funds that come to it?  Does it have a clear sense of its purpose, and how it intends to accomplish that purpose?

A good charity is always looking to refine its operating procedure, and is consistently analyzing every decision it makes to determine how it can improve the process next time and make better decisions in the future.  It makes sure that all of its decisions are in fact focused on attaining its goals, and makes sure all the money coming in is accounted in a way that allows its supporters to see where their money is going.



Who does it help?

Once all of the above has been established, then it’s time to answer the next most important question when trying to decide on a charity that interests you. Who does it help, and are its values in line with your own?  One may choose not to invest in a religious based charity as its ethics may not be in line with your own, but before you use that as a reason not to support them, look deeper. 

In my community the local church does a ‘meals on wheels’ program.  There is the option to directly donate to this program, either with food or money, and they keep its funds separate from the churches general funds.  They are part of a diverse community with many different religious and social groups within it.  The Meals on Wheels does no missionary work, its meals are given out without strips of scripture in them, and they provide the food they give out to anyone who may be in need. 

With these things taken into consideration, you can choose an effective charity that is right for you. There may be multiple ways you can fund your favorite charities; click here to know more about cosmik casino.